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Welcome to Whidbey Island! The primary purpose of this site is to compile all the events calendars and listings for Music, Art, Events, Plays, etc. on the island into one easy to use site. As a bonus we have added some listings of basic services you may seek while you're here, including their hours of operation and location. 

Speaking of hours, please note that this is a largely rural island. Most places, especially on the south end, close by 8pm or earlier. That includes most restaurants. Grocery stores are open until 9pm or 10pm on the south end and as late as 1am in Oak Harbor. Many small shops close as early as 5pm. Some gas stations are open until midnight on the south end while some are 24 hour in Oak Harbor. In short, there isn't a lot to do on the south end of the island after 8pm or so and limited options on the north end. Whidbey is really geared toward day time activities. 

webmasters note: Will some restaurant / lounge / coffee shop on south Whidbey start being open until at least midnight? Maybe later? Please?  Anyone want to invest in a late in the day coffee & tea place?

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