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ABOUT This site: Why?

I've heard before that there are already event calendars for Whidbey Island. It's true... over 50 of them, and none offer a complete picture of what's happening here on Whidbey Island. None of them even come close actually. Some that are supposed to be more complete often have no events on them or don't even work. Many of those 50 are only for events at a particular place or business. So, I created this site to compile all of their listings as best I can with an emphasis on live music, larger events, art openings, and plays. Why would I do that?

It all started with trying to find events and activities to take my family to. I kept finding out about events after they were done. So, I tried to find a calendar that would tell me what was going on, and none were complete. Even knowing when stores and restaurants are open can be a bit of a mystery. 


I soon realized it wasn't just me. As a resident of Whidbey Island and in working with musicians on the island, it's become apparent that even those who live here don't often know what events are happening here. I've spoken to so many people who have no idea what music act is playing where, sometimes they don't even know that certain places offer live music and sometimes haven't even heard of the places! So many don't know about art gallery openings, festivals, family activities, and more. Now imagine a potential visitor to our island trying to figure out what days to visit and what there is to do! They will likely miss out on a great many fun things and maybe not come here at all.

Still, though... why am I doing this? First, I really want to know what there is to go and do here and when. Additionally, I work with some musicians trying to promote their events and I'm friends with various musicians and artists who wish they had a good way for the public to find out about their shows. So often I hear the additional question of "what's still open this time of night?", or "what grocery store is open", and "where's the closest gas station?" So, I figured I know how to make websites and do promotion... and no one else was doing it.. so here I am. 

To specify, this site is primarily for entertainment activities: music performances, art shows, plays, public events like festivals and farmers markets, and similar broad interest and fun events. You will not find listings about classes, public meetings, seminars, or the like unless it seems like something closer to an event style activity. My focus is on entertainment, on what there is to do here on Whidbey for fun.

So far this is all coming out of my own pocket, including website hosting fees and the time I'm putting into it. I do have a Patreon fundraising site for those who wish to be supporters at: (Please help me keep this site online and add more features in the future!) I offer ads on the site as well for those who would like to buy advertising. However, the basic calendar listings will always be free. The point is to create the most useful site possible, and then see if I can cover some of my time and expenses. In time I hope to add a streaming "radio" station to the site.

I hope you enjoy the site. If you know of an event happening on Whidbey Island, please use the CONTACT page to let me know about it. If you're with a venue, please let me know about all of your events and I'll post them. Maybe you'll consider an add by your listing here to help support the site? Let me know if we can put a sign in your window advertising the site too. Thanks for taking the time to read the ABOUT page! ~ SB

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